The Riverview Project



What is The Riverview Project?

The Riverview Project is a core public outreach and educational program of Below the Surface (BTS). Riverview is inspired by Google’s Streetview mapping technology with the intention of creating a platform to visualize, interact with, and explore rivers throughout the world.


The Riverview Project – In Action

In August 2014, Below the Surface worked with employees from Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area near Salida, Colorado in an effort to enhance safety and increase river awareness. Below is a sample of the Riverview video that we collected along the Arkansas River:
Use your mouse or trackpad to navigate anywhere within the 360° panoramic footage. *Video may take a few moments to load.

What is The Riverview Project? (Continued) 

Just as Google’s Streetview has become an essential component of travel planning, Below the Surface’s Riverview Project represents the next generation of recreational and conservation planning.

Below the Surface and our partners provide all of the equipment required for collecting and processing 360° panoramic videos and images of waterways. This includes the camera rigs, mounting equipment, computers, SSD drives, SD Cards, boats, guides and personnel. We collect 360° panoramic images and videos using 6 GoPro cameras that are fixed at precise angles within specially designed arrays made by our partners at 360Heros. After processing, the video and images are navigable in a similar fashion to Google’s Streetview.

Below the Surface (BTS) seeks to enhance the scientific understanding, conservation, and public awareness of global river resources, and to initiate a National Waterway Assessment Program and Monitoring Network. One part of this Network, the Riverview Project, uses state of the art imaging and data processing technology to produce 360° panoramic images along major waterways coupled with detailed scientific sampling.

BTS, in partnership with USGS, EPA, and Google, is using 360° panoramic imaging as the visualization foundation, that can be combined with water quality data, sidescan sonar, LIDAR, and other parameters, to create the most comprehensive virtual database of America’s waterways to date. An associated EPA-supported Riverview App will allow for crowd-sourcing of still photos to be used as layers within online maps that will be freely available as a Google Earth Plugin.

The Riverview Project – Mission

Below the Surface has completed initial panoramic surveys along portions of the Apalachicola, Mississippi, Sacramento, and Arkansas Rivers.
We plan to collect 360° panoramic video and data along 15,000 miles of waterways in 2015.

Within the next 2 years, BTS plans to gather high quality panoramic videos and images along with other important data from source-to-sea for 10 major US Rivers, and we intend to incorporate 30 major navigable rivers globally over the next 5 years. We feel that we can accomplish these bold goals because we have strong partnerships with local, state and federal agencies, as well as with private companies, outfitters and guides throughout the world. The observational and scientific data that BTS is collecting will be useful to water resource managers, shipping companies, sustainable energy development, recreational industry, and outreach activities.


The Riverview Project – Sacramento River Expedition 2014


The Riverview Project – Apalachicola River Expedition 2013

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